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Another extract from Cancer Spreading second full-length, "Ghastly Visions", released in May 2016 by Neanderthal Stench Records. Stenchcore from Italy. LYRICS: Don’t look for me to join your cause In your stereotyped world there’s no way for me I am a vile reject, don’t want to be acclaimed I’m here just to push my finger in your wounds Nothing you say affect me anyway You’re wasting your time, and I’m wasting mine None of your preachings can ever reach me Iconoclasm burning in my dilated eyes If only you could see what’s beyond your foolish schemes There is no truth and no belief just the bleakness of you and me I am cursed My path is leading to hell I am an abort Rejected by everyone Even your god look at me with disgust Rabid, he spits his curses one me Don’t listen my screams, they come from a place That you would never dare to see An open grave to the abyss inside Hear my words and get swallowed alive Now it’s time for your judgement to be puked on me Step back from here, you can’t reach my hell You’re wasting my time… I won’t never embrace life The hand of Death already touched me and that’s the way it shall forever be… I will always curse the day I was born in this sewer.