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www.ScripturesForAmerica.org mid 1990's Pastor Peters sermon, still a timeless truth! Peter's discusses moral bankruptcy in America, the Kingdom Message, usury, Biblical economics, the enemies of Christianity and more.... Website/Internet Church: This website (scripturesforamerica.org) is one of the many outreach avenues we utilize here at Scriptures for America. The platform offers users the opportunity to post needed truths immediately and also affords a medium for correspondence with our family, friends, supporters, or those inquiring about the ministry. One invaluable aspect to this branch of our ministry is Internet Church. We have know that His remnant is spread abroad (much for their own protection) right now, and Internet Church affords the opportunity for us all to praise and worship together in real-time. We hope that you'll make plans to join us every Sunday beginning at 10:00am Mountain Time as we have church here. We encourage you to contact us with your suggestions and recommendations concerning how you feel this site can serve the ministry and you better. Scriptures for America Worldwide is an international outreach ministry of the LaPorte Church of Christ and is directed by Pastor Peter J. Peters. This ministry is dedicated to proclaiming the true Gospel of Christ Jesus throughout the earth, and to revealing to Americans and the Western Nations their true Biblical Identity. Know that Scriptures for America Ministry, and all of its outreaches, continue on in the spirit that Pastor Peters intended for them to. The Staff at SFA is still guided by our Pastor's teachings, vision, direction and passion for Jesus Christ, His Gospel, and His Way. Rev 2:9 Rev 3:9 Psalm 109:8 Amos 5:15 James 1:1 tags obama rick warren prayer controversy pre-inauguration holy spirit Lord's Prayer salvation truth prophecy Truth Salvation Jesus Christ prophet Bible study preaching Anglo-Saxon Israel Christian solider country God guns family folk kinsman Kingdom sin lawlessness Babylon tower of babel 2008 2012 election president ron paul psalm 109:8 pray