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WATCH THEM DOGS is one of the best put sermons OF ALL TIME. The late great Rev. Dr. B. W. Smith, Sr. (The Award Winning Sermon "Watch Them Dogs' Preacher) served as the Senior Pastor of St. John Baptist Church, Buffalo, New York for 32 years and is a Former President of The Progressive National Baptist Convention. This release captures a full sermon from gospel preacher Rev. B.W. Smith, a popular fixture on BET. Filmed live in front of a real congregation, the homily deals with lessons from the Bible, applied to the common problems and situations dealt with by real people in ever day life. This sermon contains Smith's popular "Who the hell left the gate open?" The Rev. B.W. Smith, a native of Florence, Ala., who emerged as a powerful national leader, died Aug. 7, 2001, in Cheektowaga, N.Y. ------WATCH THEM DOGS ©kumstar